Due to the schedule change by shipping line, large sized car
such as trucks and buses which height is over 2.2 m
will be delivered only once a month .
Therefore, please make a notice that it takes 45 to 60days for delivery.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience
Our dear customer,

It became known to us last night that that someone (or apparently a group of fraudsters) have forged Toprank invoice and tried to cheat other people. Also, skype accounts of Toprank staff have been cloned and used to contact fraud victims.

To protect our customers and our good name we undertake the following steps:

- email this message to our clients - place a respective warning message on our webpage - change a skype contact initiation, requesting a prior email message

Please note that Toprank is only using its official bank account for payments:

BANK NAME: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Ltd.
BRANCH NAME: Funabashi Branch (No.271)
BRANCH ADDRESS: 3-2-3 Hontyou, Funabashi-shi, Chiba, Japan
ACCOUNT NO: 271-0075924

Please be careful not to get trapped by fraudsters of any kind.


Shinichi Igarashi
President, Toprank
Уважаемые клиенты фирмы "Топранк",

Как нам стало известно вчера вечером, некто (а скорее всего группа злоумышлеников) использовали имя нашей фирмы и, подделав счёт-фактуру на нашем фирменном бланке, пытались получить оплату за якобы некие зап. части для машин. Также они клонировали скайп-аккаунты сотрудников нашей компании и использовали их для коммуникации с жертвами.

В целях защиты наших клиентов и доброго имени нашей фирмы мы решили предпринять следующие меры предосторожности:

- рассылка данного электронного сообщения нашим клиентам;
- размещение соответствующего предостережения на нашей веб-страничке;
- запрос предварительного сообщения по электронной почте для добавления в список контактов в скайпе.

Пожалуйста, помните, что для получения оплаты за свои услуги фирма "Топранк" использует только свой официальный банковский счёт с нижеприведёнными реквизитами:

Название банка: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Ltd.
Наименование филиала: Funabashi Branch (No.271)
Адрес филиала: 3-2-3 Hontyou, Funabashi-shi, Chiba, Japan
Номер счёта: 271-0075924

Будьте бдительны и не попадайтесь на уловки мошенников.

С уважением, Ш. Игараши
Президент, "Топранк"
Хэрхэн дуудлага худалдаанаас машин авах вэ?

1. Б?ртг??лэх
2. Урьдчилгаа т?лб?р байршуулах
3. Дуудлага худалдаанаас машинаа сонгох
4. Худалдан авсан машины т?лб?рийг т?л?х
5. Тээвэрл??лэх
Харилцагч банк:
Банкны нэр Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Ltd .
Салбарын нэр / No Funabashi Branch (No271)
Банк Код (SWIFT code) BOTKJPJT
Банкны хаяг 3-2-3 Hontyou Funabashi-shi Chiba, Japan
Дансны дугаар 271-0075924

We have been dealing with used cars for over 10 years. Inside or Outside of Japan, we have years of experience.

As a car dealer, we offer many services such as maintenance, modification and  installation of part. In addition to that, from luxury European cars to popular Japanese cars, we have a wide range of car stock.
As a car exporter, we ship out cars anywhere in the world very quickly and, of course, very safely.

Unlike any other car exporters, you can get any car-related services here.
There are Toprank Body Work and Toprank Service Factory, as well as some Toprank Dealer Shops.

Why don't you become our dearest member and enjoy your privileges!!

parts order

With our equipments and skilled workers, don't you worry about cars you bought being in bad conditions.


In order to achieve another higher level, why don't you use our custom service? Why don't you make your car special!


Worried about interior conditions? Especially for worn out seats, steering and shift knob, it maybe a small change but it will make a difference.


Car Detail

When you would like put an extra care for your car, this is the right service. Polymer coating, car films and room cleaning. Make your car more shiny!

Audio Installment

Some cars require special skill to install audio system. As well as audio installment, we install after-market / original navigation too.

Parts Order

From a wide range of resources, you can chose any parts you like. Please feel free to ask us regarding parts order or parts installment.



Interested in high quality photos services of your car? You can start advertising your car to potential customers before the car arrival.


Before shipping a vehicle to your destination, you can ask for our PDI Service. we can have you car checked very precisely to the details.


In order to send your car safely, we recommend you to insure your vehicle. There are 2 types and both of them are reasonably priced.



TOPRANK's new-arrival vehicles information and work example are introduced by Twitter. Please follow here.


You can see the access method to each store of TOPRANK here.


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