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Used SUV Porsche For Sale

Porsche A.G. is a German car manufacturer and it headquarter is in Stuttgart, Germany. The company is established by an Austrian engineer Ferdinand Porsche. He first designed Volkswagen Beetle which was very successful. By receiving the success, The Porsche 64 was created in1939. A one of the subsidiary of Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen A.G.). Porsche is known as a high-performance sports car maker, but they also create SUVs and sedans as well. Since Porsche has a strong bond with Volkswagen Group from its establishment, some technologies from Volkswagens are used in Porsche cars. Such as Porsche 914 has a Volkswagen Beetle engine.

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2014 Porsche CAYENNE Platinum Edition Tip-S
3600cc Platinum Edition Tip-S ABA-92AM5502 Automatic Gray
Year : 2014
Mileage : 26,000km



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Country & Port

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2011 Porsche CAYENNE Turbo Tiptronic S
4800cc Turbo Tiptronic S -92AM48A- Automatic Black
Year : 2011
Mileage : 38,000km



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Country & Port

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